Taking Naps


We all need them so embrace them!

1.Accept napping as a positive thing. Remind yourself frequently that napping can make a day more productive – it is actually the opposite of being lazy.It’s a time to regroup and reset.

2.Do not fight your body’s desire to nap. Your body is telling you it needs a break so listen!

3.Take naps when you can. If your schedule does not allow a nap every day, consider taking a power nap while waiting for the laundry cycle to finish or sitting in your car during your lunch hour.

4.Consider time and duration. Napping for too long, too often or at the wrong time of day can be counterproductive. It could also mean your body is not getting enough nutrition and can explain your lack of energy.

5.Napping can mean just taking a break. Lying on a hammock or just staring at the sky above while in your own backyard.Doing this will refresh your body and mind.


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