Life force energy


I’ve always been interested in energy.Even in my sons Karate class his Sensei speaks of how to transfer your opponents energy for protection. Working for the government I hear of new energy programs having to do with magnetic energy in our military defense programs.

Energy is everywhere, it can not be destroyed..only transformed.Qi gong transforms negative into positive energy.Those with hot hands are more incline to Reiki Energy, like myself.I stumbled into Qi Qong to find various methods of relaxation besides yoga. I needed to balance my mental and emotional states and had a fondness for chakra balancing.I’ve also always been draw to aroma and massage therapy so reiki was right up my alley.

Sometimes even while thinking of reiki my hands activate and begin to feel warm and tingley.I always sensed peoples emotional disturbances with great accuracy.These are the emotions they hide and not the ones they portray.However, I would always absorb their negative energy and sometimes I would feel drained and sick at times.I would absorb their malaise and they would all of a sudden be in better spirits.

Since then I’ve learned to protect myself and to observe and not absorb.

Reiki has taught me many things.Thare are so many energies around us that we do not see and we consciously do not feel but they are there and they do effect us in many ways.

I have been practicing Reiki I and II on my self ,my children and even my pet.However, I intend to be a master so I can attune my children and hopefully they can carry it on.

I’ve incorporated Reiki into my massage and aromatherapy.Alot of the times people do not know that I am doing it but I do let them know they may feel tired and may secrete the toxins from their bodies in several different ways.

Reiki has been a blessing.!


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