Fear and Anxiety Exercises


Like most people I know, they have a lot of fear and anxiety triggered by stress.Your skin is your largest living organ in our bodies and we habitual absorb stress and negativity here.However, we can learn to flush this out before disease begins to take root.

Signs of stress or anxiety.
1. Soar Muscles
2. Muscles Twitching
3. Fatigue
4. Stomach Cramps
5. Constipation/Diarrhea
6. Dry Skin
7. Trouble Focusing
8. Insomnia

Exercise really work wonders. I love yoga nd Qi Gong the various forms of twists and breathing really balances you. However, we can’t always work out at out desk when we are having a stressful moments. However, here are a few tricks you CAN do while at work.

Temple Presses
Place your thumbs on your temples and let your fingers rest on your forehead. Put some pressure on your temples and breath in deeply and exhale deeply through your mouth.Do this all long as you need.You may feel a little light headed but that just shows you needed it.

Fear/Anxiety Taps

Take your right hand and rub the top of your left hand.Now do the same but using taps.Make sure you are breathing deeply through your nose and exhaling through the mouth.Now swithc hands and take your left hand and rub the top of the right hand.


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