Breathing is the bridge between mind and body, the connection between the consciousness and subconsciousness, the movement of spirit into matter.
Breath is life.It is the key to wellness of the body mind and soul.Once we can master breath regulate and develop increased awareness and improve our physical, mental and spiritual being.In otherwords we become to feel whole again.A relaxed state with focus and purpose.

This simple breathing exercise should be done for at least a few minutes a day.I recommend upon waking would be the best time. It sets your day to come in balance and harmony.The goal is simply to keep your attention on the breath cycle and observe.


1.Sit in a comfortable upright position with your back straight and your eyes lightly closed, having loosened any tight clothing. Let your tongue just fall back in your mouth and relax your face.

2.Focus your attention on your breathing and inhale deeply and exhale through your mouth. Make sure to take deep breaths.You want to get as much oxygen to your brain and internal organs. For those of you who do not normally meditate, you may begin to feel a little light-headed at first.This is because your oxygen levels are returning and are now flowing.


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This is my blog about starting over, living consciously through positive intentions and seeing the grace in ordinary things. Learning from my mistakes and lauging out loud! and always to Love, Inspire and Grow...

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