Honoring yourself


“You show others how to treat you”- Dr. Phil

I am intuitively sensing alot of us are stuck and are struggling emotionally right now.  It is my hope for those of you reading this, that you find the courage and self love you truly deserve.

Have you ever been in a relationship where you stayed too long?You knew in your heart this person was not meant for you…even though you knew this person was going to hurt you…you stayed anyways.

I think we can honestly say we have all been there and WHY?

Because its better than being alone.

The real reason is we are fearful of our own potential.We give this person so much control over our own emotions that we forget we are living for ourselves. We must learn to love and honor ourselves before we can even learn to love another.

What are your needs and wants?

Alot of people can’t even articulate that…no one has ever asked and it would seem selfish to ask ourselves. But why? We deserve love and affection,too.

In order to give love..we must first know to receive it from ourselves and to ourselves.

Before starting a new relationship you must set some guidelines for yourself. These are rules that can not be broken and you will fight for.Its called Self Worth and an act of self love.

1. Know what you want-do not settle.

2. Place boundaries-Things you will not tolerate in a relationship.

3. Self respect- Never let anyone disrespect you or use you as a doormat or be a convenience to them.

4. Self worth- Your self esteem is worth more than anyone elses feelings.

5.Listen to the whispers of your own intuition.Don’t doubt them or disregard these feelings.We all see the signs early on but we chose to ignore them. When we could have saved ourselves alot of heartache in the end.

Finally, CHOOSE happiness. No one said you must be married or in a relationship to be happy.You could have a long happy fulfilling life by being in the present , being grateful and enjoying each new day. If it doesn’t feel right, that’s because it isn’t. Don’t doubt yourself.

Do something to honor yourself.

Love yourself by doing something you love….for YOU!


About LovelyM

This is my blog about starting over, living consciously through positive intentions and seeing the grace in ordinary things. Learning from my mistakes and lauging out loud! and always to Love, Inspire and Grow...

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