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Benefits of Meditation:

1.Helps lower blood pressure, stress and anxiety
2.Decreases heart and respiratory rates.
3.Increases blood flow and more oxygen to the brain that is vital to all your organs.
4.Enhances immune functions.Less likely to get sick.
5.Reduces perception of pain and relieving chronic pain due to arthritis and other disorders
6.Maintains a happy mood level.
7.Brings awareness and mindfulness to everyday aspects of life

How to meditate.

1. It’s better if you are sitting down in a chair or sitting down on the floor with your legs crossed.

2. Take several deep breaths … all the way in then out.Take as much time as you want.Remember it for your own benefit.

3. Once you feel relaxed and you will…begin to sit in silence.Forget about the millions thingas on the to do list. This quiet time is for you and you alone so make sure no one is bothering you.Lock your self in the bathroom if you have to.It soft music helps you relax then by all means do it.

4. If you mind starts to focus on anything, just imagine this thought as a fog, that is evaporating into the universe. Do this until it goes away..

5. Don’t forget to breathe.It is important to focus on your breath.Remember breath is LIFE.

6. Keep doing this until you feel you are ready to get up.Do this daily…it makes a big difference.